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How is beeswax made?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

A single worker honeybee can produce around eight wax scales in a 12 hour period. A bee hive colony requires around 1,000 wax scales to make 1 gram of beeswax for their hexagonal comb.

Honeybee showing its freshly made wax flakes

It takes 8x the amount of honey as fuel for the bees to make 1 part beeswax. That's why honeycomb tends to be expensive.

Beeswax comb is the perfect balance of strength to material. Size to honey storing capacity.

What an incredible amount of work thats gone into each gram of beeswax. We really appreciate the little Humble Bees work, it makes our Natural Beeswax Polish seem even more valuable now!

Bees festooning (linking) indicating that were just making wax comb.

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This blog is a Great idea !!! And I’ve shared the post on Facebook ... pitty I’ve already ordered a nuc for spring from another supplier but may try u guys next season

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