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Sponsor a bee hive at Humble Bee

Introducing Adopt a BeeHive from Humble Bee.

Are you interested in UK Beehive Adoption or want to sponsor a beehive? Humble Bee Natural Durham Honey offers a simple, Adopt a Beehive scheme.


Its open to all organisations, charities, business, retailers, local authorities, schools and individuals who want to improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) The key idea behind CSR is for corporations to pursue objectives that improve the world we live in, and what better way than to save the bees that pollinate a vast amount of the food we enjoy.

When you adopt a beehive from Humble Bee you will provide a instant support for pollinators and honey bees while having a positive environmental impact.

We offer a simple, highly competitive annual fee, where you will receive all of the items detailed below as part of your beehive adoption scheme.

• 100% aluminium, coloured bespoke plaque with your company logo, affixed directly to your hive

• 5 x high resolution, professional digital images of your Adopted Beehive and bees

• 1 x Humble Bee Honey gift set

• 1 x digital adoption certificate

• Regular social media updates, including pictures and videos of your branded adopted beehive.

• This means you can share our content with your own social media community and create fantastic stories around the positive environmental benefits of beehive adoption UK.

• Licence free, professional, high resolution images of your beehive, with company branding.

If you are interested in signing up and adopting a beehive, please see our subscriptions page to save £100 P/A alternatively applications are open year round for yearly Adoptions please visit our shop to check out.

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