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Learn about bees and bee keeping at Humble Bee

Love Bees? Enjoy our Bee Experience at Humble Bee

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a bee keeper? Or wanted to know more about bees? Our bee experience will teach you all you need to know in order to start bee keeping. 


The experience lasts 2 hours but isn't limited.

It's 1 to 1 (or your own group) so you can ask any questions you like.


£75 per person with wild flower seed vouchers available. Really into bees and beekeeping? try our Full Be a Bee Keeper days

You will make frames, learn about foundation, light Smokers, and fully inspect a working honey bee hive.

You will see honey, learn about ways to harvest honey, comb and other bee products. You will learn all about the how the hive works. Spot the queen, see eggs and larvae. See the difference between male and female bees and so much more.


We offer vouchers for if you would like to gift the experience.  Simply visit our shop to order.


Thank you for supporting your local honey bees at Humble Bee Honey.

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