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Sell or Exchange your Bees 

Turn Bees into Cash:

At Humble Bee we know that bee keepers often end up with more bees than they can manage, or initially wanted to have. Thats why we have set up our New Sell Your Bees Page. 

Simply Send us a message at with how many colonies you would like to sell and the number of full frames of capped brood in each. We will make a Cash offer based on this information. You can then use the offer against equipment or simply have the cash. 

How it works:

Email sent to - Offer Made - Offer Accepted.

Bring your Colony through to Humble Bee, we put it in our equipment and you take your equipment home, thus freeing up valuable hives and nucs. You get cash or can choose a voucher off our equipment.


Had a crazy swarm season and run out of space? Obviously Colonies and swarms are very different. If you've got a swarm that needs a home, pop us a message as we will see if we can free up your equipment for you. There may be a freebie in it for you!

Remember this is a service, we are buying bees not equipment.

*T&Cs Apply. 

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