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1,000,000 Honeybees and The Dark Side of Auroras

Beautiful at night, Deadly during the day.

How do solar storms impact honey bees?

Solar storms may impact honeybees sense of direction, so let's 'bee' on the lookout for lost bees this Solar Storm weekend to #savethebees

Lost honeybee rescued - Click for bee rescue

Solar Storms and Honey Bees 🐝 - Scientists believe that changes in magnetic fields caused by solar storms could interfere with the bee’s magnetoreceptors.

Honey bees can detect 26nT and this morning May 11th 2024 there was a peak of 1449nT! 🤯 The suspected magnetoreceptors are due to iron granules in the abdomens of the honeybees.

Such solar storm activity could disturb their foraging capabilities by altering their magnetic navigation, learning, decision-making mechanisms, flight, and foraging, thus impairing pollination activity.

Let's hope not, we don't need millions of lost bees at Humble Bee Natural Durham Honey

Honey bee being returned to its hive

We may see an increase in swarms, lost or weakened bees and Pollinators as they struggle to return to their hives and nests If you see a swarm of honeybees give us a buzz - 07890039621

Swarm of Honeybees looking for a new hive site

To find out more about bees check out where you can book a bee experience, start bee keeping and purchase everything bee related!

So although the aurora at night is beautiful, let's not forget the incredible Honey bees and other Pollinators during the day who may be impacted by solar storms!

Aurora over Humble Bee Honey Durham

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