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Would You Try Honey Beer?

Exciting! Brew Day is Here!

Were super excited to let you know that The Durham Brewery are currently in the process of brewing a Sumerian Beer made with Humble Bee Honey!

Humble Bee Honey about to go in!

The time had come where the work of millions of Humble Honey Bees was to be added to the beer brew!

Jordan from Humble Bee pouring Local Honey into the beer.

Were thrilled to be involved with the brewing of this special 30th anniversary beer. What an epic day it turned out to be.

Although the weather outside was some sort of torrential, inside the brew house it was pouring down with liquid gold - in the form of lovely local honey.

60lbs of Summer Honey poured, or should we say dropped into a giant 2000l stainless brewing vessel!

Will at The Durham Brewery jumping back to avoid back splash

What this image doesn't show is wills face! We will spare you that!

In better news the aroma in the brew house was amazing, the smell of honey, cardamom and other spices coming from the brew was incredible.

Other ingredients also needed to be added, take a look at the scale of the operation. All this stainless equipment was impressive.

Will adding some other less sticky ingredients

And now we wait... In the meantime be sure to pop along to the shop and show your support.

The Durham Brewery Shop

Dashing through the rain, I managed to snap a photo of the shop front! Looks tropical and inviting even in a storm.

Front of The Durham Brewery Shop

We then checked out the shop where all the final product goes to lovely local customers.

What a neat place to go and find local produce and grab a beer.

Jordan from Humble Bee imagining this jar of honey is a pint

Now was time to take a few photos to share with you all, to show what's now on offer from Humble bee at The Durham Brewery

Vince the photographers work in getting some shots

Nice little setup to showcase our honey, candles and The Durham Brewery

Humble Bee Honey and The Durham Brewery Back Drop

Three honeys from Humble Bee

A great morning spent at The Durham Brewery now it's just a waiting game 5 to 7 days and the brew will be done.

Then a little bit more patience... And it'll be bottled or put in barrels and available for us all to try! Watch this space. Sign up to our email notifications to be the first to hear when this beer is available.

There's more... Whisky Cask Aged honey!?!

We also picked up our 50L Islay cask. Ready to start aging our award winning honey and providing a unique locally aged Honey

50l Mini Firkin Islay Cask

Coming soon... Pre-order yours here.