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Tips to Save The Bees!

What can we all not do?

Do you remember #NoMowMay - Do nothing to our lawns and green spaces and help pollinators.

Let's be sure to give it a go this year. By far its the easiest thing we all could do.

When we leave these little spots of weeds, such as dandelions, we are essentially setting up a bee fuelling station. Just see some examples below!

Bees and pollinators of all kinds benefit when we allow dandelions to flower.

Whats worse than cutting weeds?

Putting weed killers on them and letting the bees feed from flowers covered in chemicals.

What other things can be done to save the bees?

🐝 Planting a bee garden:

By planting a bee garden, you can create a habitat corridor with plants that are rich in pollen and nectar.

🐝 Go chemical free:

Avoid treating your garden and green spaces with synthetics. Instead, use organic products and natural solutions.

🐝 Provide Trees for Bees:

Did you know that bees get most of their nectar from trees? When a tree blooms, it provides hundreds likely thousands of blossoms to feed from! They also provide habitats for various wild bees.

🐝 Make a Bee bath:

Fill a bird bath with water, and arrange pebbles, stones or something else inside so that they come above the water’s surface. Bees will land on the stones and pebbles to take sip. You may even find as the water gets more minerals in over time, more and more bees will visit.

🐝 Build a Bee home:

Most bees are solitary creatures? 70% of solitary bees live underground, while 30% live in holes inside of trees or hollow stems. Species like bumble bees build their nests in undisturbed land. You can provide safe haven for them by leaving an untouched plot of land for them in your garden! Another do nothing approach.