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Get Swarm Ready! Quiz and Join Swarm Collectors

Do the daffodils and snow drops kick your beekeepers mind into action?

At this time of year, all of a sudden beekeepers turn their attention to the upcoming season.

Thinking ahead to swarm preparation, have you brushed up on what to look for in your brood frames come first inspection? Do you know how to spot a swarm that's about to leave?

Which is a Swarm?

  • 0%Lots of Bees flying

  • 0%Lots of Bees on Entrance

Would you like to be better prepared and even join a team of swarm collectors? Take our Picture quiz now and answer our survey to become a Swarm collector.

Be sure to share with your fellow Beeks.

Get Swarm Ready with Humble Bee Swarm Collecting equipment. Got a tricky swarm, use our battery bee vac for super quick and effective collections.

When the swarms are pouring in, do you run out of equipment? We've all been there, every hive, super, every nuc, every correx box full and a swarm call! But with Nucs costing £70+ it's an expensive business! Click to see our £40 nuc boxes

Got a swarm in a tree? Forget balancing on ladders holding buckets on sticks. Click to see our closing lid swarm bag and 3m pole

Caught a swarm, lots of bees on your nuc that you need to put in a car? Click to see our Swarm Bee Bag

Looking for a suit you won't boil in? With a clear view visor for ultimate egg spotting? Click to see our best selling Ventilated suits

Feeling a bit more Swarm Ready? If not these Much more available on our Humble Bee Shop

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